PRX-T33 Skin Peel

PRX-T33 is a brand new breed of peel. Rejevenating and regenerative helping build collagen and improving skin tone.

It is pain free, there is no down time, suitable for all ages and can performed all year round. 


This medical grade product works on lines and wrinkles, scarring, reduces skin congestion, stretch marks and is effective on pigmentation. It maintaines the characteristics of freshness and health of a younger skin, it reverses the biological clock of the mature one.

How does it work?

PRX-T33 cause the top layer of skin to shed, triggering the living cells below to multiply and move up to the surface, in turn increasing collagen and hyaluronic production.(triggering the skin to behave like a young


A course of treatment is recommended to achieve optimum results, this is tailored to suit clients individual 

skin concerns.


Please note consultations must be booked before booking treatment.

50% deposit is required upon booking treatment this is non refundable